With a focus on smart solutions, sustainability, high efficiency, and quality, the lighting company Nokalux has quintupled its revenue since Vätterledens Invest took over as the owner.





Revenue MSEK


Bright prospects for sustainable fixtures

Through continuous improvements, a long-term dedicated investment in local production, and a strong focus on professional customers, Nokalux from Töcksfors has undergone a substantial growth journey in recent years And it shows no signs of slowing down.

With a production rate of 1500 fixtures per day, things are moving swiftly at Nokalux’s factory in Töcksfors in Western Värmland. Here, lighting fixtures for the professional market in the Nordics are developed and produced. CEO Magnus Jonsson joined Nokalux in 2009 as the Sales manager and two years later became the CEO.

Transition led to growth
During his tenure, the company has embarked on a growth journey, with a revenue that has risen from barely 60 million SEK in 2009 to today’s 300 million SEK. Equally significant is the transformation that has taken place in the company’s operations.
“When I entered the company, a significant portion of our assortment was manufactured in China. However, we decided to bring production back home and manufacture everything ourselves,” explains Magnus Jonsson

Regional purchasing, local manufacturing
Today, everything is manufactured in our own facility in Töcksfors. If necessary, we collaborate with local partners. Diodes, sockets, and other components are sourced from Europe.
Our goal is to buy everything as close to our factory as possible. This not only gives us better control over quality and deliveries but also allows us to reduce our transportation and carbon footprint.

Classic fluorescent tubes containing mercury were banned by the EU in 2023. This opens up even greater opportunities for Nokalux, whose fixtures are exclusively based on energy-saving LED technology.


“It’s through measurement that you find the small things that can be improved. I find that enjoyable.”

Magnus Jonsson, CEO of Nokalux

Doubled productivity
Through continuous improvement efforts based on Lean principles, production has been streamlined so that today, many more fixtures are manufactured in the same production area as before, while the company has doubled its production space.
“Simultaneously, we’ve reduced our energy consumption by 70-80 percent and managed to eliminate the need for packaging on our fixtures. In terms of sustainability, we have a strong offering today,” he explains.

An owner with patience
As an owner, Vätterledens Invest has provided valuable guidance over the years.
“We’ve developed a tighter collaboration over the years, and having their perspective has been a strength for us,” says Magnus.
What he particularly wants to highlight about Vätterledens Invest as an owner is their long-term approach. “Vätterledens Invest understands how to run a business and has patience. Our restructuring and transition were allowed to come at a cost, but now we’re ahead of our growth plan and aim to increase revenue to 420 million SEK by 2026.”

The will to improve
He finds the reporting to the owner at an appropriate level.
“I believe the owner should demand reports. One significant value with reporting is that it prompts us to take the time to think through it. Because it’s through measurement that you find the small things that can be improved. I find that enjoyable,” says Magnus Jonsson, CEO of Nokalux.

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