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Together we succeed

Since its inception in 1969, Vätterledens Invest has grown steadily with a good and stable value development. New companies have been added over time. Our main ambition is to make each company as successful as it can be. We simply aim to increase returns and value by never ceasing to find ways to make things a little better.

Our businesses

A leading provider of equipment for plastic, composite, and fiberglass application.
Employees: 33
Founded: 1974
Revenue: 62 MSEK
HQ: Mölnlycke
CEO: Oscar Jönsson
Specializes in developing and producing polymer systems and components for the European automotive industry.
Employees: 183
Founded: 1968
Turnover: 659 MSEK
HQ: Tranås
CEO: Johan Wahlström
One of the largest producers of emergency showers for eyes and face in the Nordic region.
Employees: 5
Founded: 1991
Revenue: 17 MSEK
HQ: Grängesberg
CEO: Roger Karlsson
Offers advanced goods and crate handling systems, portal robots, and pneumatic tube systems for hospitals.
Employees: 56
Founded: 1966
Revenue: 141 MSEK
HQ: Gånghester, Borås
CEO: Pär Johansson
The leading distributor of Sweden's most purchased caravans and motorhomes.
Employees: 18
Founded: 1974
Revenue: 147 MSEK
HQ: Tenhult, Jönköping
CEO: Micael Forsmyr
One of Northern Europe's leading lighting companies, offering lamps for all types of homes.
Employees: 92
Founded: 1963
Revenue: 256 MSEK
HQ: Skene
CEO: Peter Silvandersson
An efficient manufacturer of high-quality lighting fixtures for office, industrial, and public environments.
Employees: 84
Founded: 1994
Revenue: 257 MSEK
HQ: Töcksfors
CEO: Magnus Jonsson
Globally renowned for its expertise in motion capture and three-dimensional motion analysis.
Employees: 52
Founded: 2000
Revenue: 235 MSEK
HQ: Gothenburg
CEO: Ingemar Petterson
A sports company specializing in the development and design of products for running, handball, floorball, and squash.
Employees: 16
Founded: 2008
Revenue: 64 MSEK
HQ: Gothenburg
CEO: Mattias Sahlin
Creating high-quality travel goods and accessories with a focus on concept and design.
Employees: 5
Founded: 2013
Revenue: 68 MSEK
HQ: Gothenburg
CEO: Johan Närstad
A customer-oriented third-party logistics provider offering a wide range of logistics services and warehouses in Landvetter.
Employees: 27
Founded: 2017
Turnover: 40 MSEK
HQ: Göteborg
CEO: Roger Johansson

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