Are you looking for a new owner?

Sometimes help is needed to take the next step

There are many skilled companies struggling, on the verge of succeeding in growth, but often remaining at the same level year after year. Sometimes external assistance is required —a clear-eyed view of the business that can provide the right direction and someone who also has the resources to finance the next step in the journey.

Who will take over?

Family businesses often pass down through generations, but it doesn’t always align with the desire and interest of the successors. If you are facing the need for changes in your management and ownership structure, we at Vätterledens Invest could be a potential partner. We are interested in healthy companies with unrealized potential, preferably in industries where we can contribute with experience or identify possible synergies through collaboration with our existing subsidiaries.

Why VI?


The ability to see opportunities has always been our strength. With clear goals, good organization, and a long-term commitment to getting the job done, we can achieve a lot together. That’s why we are always interested in companies with great ideas that have not yet been fully realized.

We believe that there is great power in simplicity and straightforwardness; communicating openly and transparently, and laying the foundation for wise decisions through clear analysis.



Through reporting and follow-up, we create opportunities for insights and improvement. Through clarity, order, and organization, we can offer freedom and significant authority for each company’s management to take action.

Contact us

We are always interested in companies with sound business ideas if we can see good opportunities for long-term development. If you are considering a sale, you are always welcome to discuss with us.