VI. Together.
To the next level.

Vätterledens Invest is an owner characterized by simplicity, transparency, and long-term commitment, driven by the desire to create healthy businesses.

Vätterledens Invest is a part of Vätterleden Holding.

Bringing each company to its full potential

Vätterledens Invest owns, manages, and acquires healthy companies in Sweden with the aim of driving and developing them towards the next level over the long term. We value simplicity, transparency, and sustainability in all aspects, and our ownership is based on a belief that people thrive with responsibility. Therefore, significant authority is granted to each company’s management to act and make decisions.

Who will take over?

This question arises for many entrepreneurs. It’s not always that passion and interest are inherited. In such cases, an external partner might be needed, someone who can contribute with knowledge and new energy.

Our businesses

World-leading companies in motion capture, patents for fiberglass application, travel bags, and lighting. The Vätterledens Invest group include eleven companies operating in various industries.




Our cases

Our vision of sound business practices and the values it can create are evident in the development of our subsidiary companies. Three good examples are Markslöjd, Nokalux, and Qualisys.